Naughty Puss

man i wanna fukin taste that soft pussy. where u from i want u to sit on my face so i can get u wet before i creampie you.

oh i would love a good face ride right about now, you anonymous guys are so goddamn naughty! 

so we were waiting at the bus stop and we were laughing and joking around and then he stood behind me and put his hands on my waist, next thing i know he’s full on massaging my ass, he must’ve been having a great time because he was really squeezing my cheeks together ;) he stopped for a while and i’m pretty sure he was just having a good stare at my ass. he started to move his hands to my tits and he instantly pulled my tube top over them and pulled them out of my bra, he would not stop pulling at my nipples! he was really getting me wet and i loved that we were in public and people could pass by.. 

he put his head over my shoulder so he could get a good look and i remember him saying ‘shit your nipples really are hard’ such a turn on 

after he played with my tits for a while and started to make me moan his hands slid back to my ass and he wasn’t messing around ;) i felt my skirt lift up over my ass and him stand back and he spanked me, pulled me closer to him by my waist and he said ‘i could tell you were wearing a thong’ by this point my pussy was soaked, fuck me. 

he ran just one finger underneath my thong and pulled it to the side and started circling my asshole with it. then he went straight for my clit but over my thong so he could feel how wet he’d made me. he was being such a tease! i spread my legs a little and he moved my thong completely to the side and ran a couple of fingers over my pussy, i instantly started to moan even louder and he started dirty talking, he said ‘i wonder how tight your pussy is’ and i felt one finger slide deep inside my pussy, he slid it out and made me suck on it, he went back and slid two fingers in my pussy while he pushed against my clit with his thumb, he slowly started to fuck me with his fingers.. on the street, my tits out for anyone to see, i was so hot, after he’d really got me wet he slipped out his soaking fingers and slipped them in my ass, he was really going for it and i was moaning like crazy. 

the next thing i heard was him unzipping his jeans and his unbelievably hard cock rammed straight into my pussy and he kept playing with my clit while he fucked me. 

holy shit.

since my ask box is being annoying..

anonymous wants to know what is the kinkiest craziest sex i’ve had, hmm. i’ll tell you one  time, me and this guy i met at a club were really drunk, and he was trying to take me home (obviously) it was around 4am and we were waiting at this bus stop because he kept saying a bus would come so i humored him ;) 

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anonymous: asked what’s your fav way to masturbate?

i love playing with dildos and vibrators, but i love using my fingers too or my shower head. 

Mmm babe your blog is really helping with my morning wood ;) wanna help me some more?

hmm i’ll only help you if it requires me bending over ;)

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Hi boys and girls! 

Hi boys and girls!